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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tarek Mehanna Superseding Indictment and Evidentiary Proffer

Two new documents filed today in Boston in the case of alleged jihadist Tarek Mehanna. According to an evidentiary proffer:

MEHANNA also sought to provide material support to al Qa'ida and other terrorist organizations by translating and distributing videos and text that were intended to inspire others to participate in jihad.

Among those translations, the proffer alleges, was a document called "39 Ways to Serve and Participate in Jihad." An online correspondent of Mehanna said the work was establishing him as "Al Qaeda's English wing" and "Al Qaeda in Iraq's media wing."

Mehanna later asked that a third party post the work so that his name wouldn't be associated with it, according to the proffer.

Mehanna also translated videos related to terrorist acts by Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, the emir of Al Qaeda in Iraq, the proffer alleges.

The proffer relates the contents of an instant messaging exchange between Mehanna and another individual, which was recovered from Mehanna's computer. The exchange features the two men joking about the videotaped beheading of Nicholas Berg by Zarqawi.

MEHANNA: we can have a movie night

DS: What movie? ... "State of the Ummah"?

MEHANNA: ni ... no ... Heads Up

DS: lol ... Heads Up?

MEHANNA: hehe joke

DS: Does it star Mr. Z?


DS: it shoud be Heads Off

MEHANNA: hehe yeah

Mehanna made jokes about the September 11 attacks, the proffer alleges, and went with two friends to visit Ground Zero. One of those pictures has been published in the Boston Globe.

Tarek Mehanna Superseding Indictment

Tarek Mehanna Evidentiary Proffer

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