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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Anwar Awlaki E-Mail Exchange With Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan

The following e-mails between Maj. Nidal Hasan and Anwar Awlaki were released today as part of the FBI's investigation into the handling of intelligence in the Fort Hood shooting spree that left 13 people dead in November 2009. They are reprinted here with Hasan's spelling errors intact. 

01, email from Nidal Hasan to Anwar Awlaki, 12/17/2008

Assalum Alaikum Wa Rhahmutallahi Wa Barakatu,

There are many soldiers in the us armed forces that have converted to Islam while in the service. There are also many Muslims who join the armed forces for a myriad of different reasons.

Some appear to have internal conflicts and have even killed or tried to kill other us soldiers in the name of Islam i.e. Hasan Akbar, etc. Others feel that there is no conflict. Previous Fatwas seem vague and not very definitive.

Can you make some general comments about Muslims in the u.s. military. Would you consider someone like Hasan Akbar or other soldiers that have committed such acts with the goal of helping Muslims/Islam (Lets just assume this for now) fighting Jihad and if they did die would you consider them shaheeds.

I realize that these are difficult questions but you seem to be one of the only ones that has lived in the u.s. has a good understadning of the the Qur'an and Sunna and is not afraid of being direct.

Jazaka'Allah Khair.

02, email from Nidal Hasan to Anwar Awlaki, 1/7/2009

Assalum Alaikum Wa-RhamatuAllahi Wa-Barakatu,

Imam, It seems as though Iran is the only government that is not afraid to openly voice its discontent in a straight forward and firm way. I am curious about your opinion in regards to Israeli catalzing unitiy [sic] among all Muslims regardless of specific religious difference. Additionally, is it better for Muslims to say I am just Muslim and not Sunni or shia which seems to divide us.

Jazak-Allah Khair.

03, email from Nidal Hasan to Anwar Awlaki, 1/16/2009

Asalaum Alaikum, Please comment if my flow of logic is correct. JazakAllah Khair,

Is it Permissible to Fire Unguided Rockets into Israel

There is no question that firing unguided rockets into Israel has the potential of indiscriminately killing civilians. The real question is why Hamas would do such a thing. Can one envision a scenario where it would be acceptable to so. Well, what if Israel was and continues to indiscriminately kill and hurt civilians and commit other atrocities in the Gaza territory to serve their expansionary ambitions. One can then begin to at least understand why the Palestinians would do such a thing. In fact it is probably one of the only things they can do to in an attempt to avenge themselves and repulse the enemy.

Realistically it's akin to a mosquito attacking a man i.e. it's uncomfortable and annoying but not a real threat. One may consider the firing of missiles' into Israel a transgression in the eye of Allah (SWT) because of its indiscriminate nature. However, it one recalls the verse about the permissibility of transgressing albeit a different scenario I believe it still applies. Verse 2:194 states "The sacred month is for the sacred month, and for the prohibited things, there is the Law of Equality (Qisas). Then whoever transgresses the prohibition against you, you transgress likewise against him. And fear Allah (SWT), and know that Allah (SWT) is with Al-Muttaqun. Other verses that seem to apply include the following.

1. And those who when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on them (are not cowed but)help and defend themselves. (42:39)

2. The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto (in degree): but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation his reward is due from Allah: for (Allah) loveth not those who do wrong. (42:40).

3. But indeed if any do help and defend themselves after a wrong (done) to them against such there is no cause of blame (42:41).

4. The blame is only against those who oppress men with wrongdoing and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land defying right and justice: for such there will be a Penalty grievous. (42:42)

04, email from Nidal Hasan to Anwar Awlaki

Assalum Alaikum Sheikh Awlaki,

 I know your busy but please comment if the logic of this piece is accurate, am a novice at this and would like reassurance.

May Allah (SWT) reward you.

Hamas is a democratically elected Islamic organization that is trying to establish the law of God in their land. That is why they, as well as other Islamic countries are hated by the West. The Muslims should know that Hamas and other sprouting Islamic states will make mistakes and is not going to be perfect in the implementation of Shariah. The west will be sure to point these deficiencies out. However, the believers have mercy on the believers and are firm against the non-believers. Not the other way around. How is it that Israel and the U.S. can get away with so much in the way of the mischief that they create on the earth but if any Islamic group makes an error, they are ripped apart by the enemies of Islam, some of which call themselves Muslim, with that said, Hamas should be given the benefit of the doubt if any doubt exists in regards to their strategy of rocket firings in an attempt to repel the enemy. To the rest of the Muslim world the believers ask, how is it that while the weak and the oppressed men, women and children in Gaza are pleading: "Our Lord, rescue us from the people of this tyrannous country, and appoint for us a protector from you, and appoint to us, a helper from you, that no one comes to help. Where are the Muslims? So unlike those Islamic states that seem to be choked up when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on the Muslims, Hamas helps and defends its own Muslim people. The Palestinians have sanction to fight because they have been wronged and have been driven from their homes unjustly just because they are endeavoring to be a God abiding state and won"t submit to the enemy. And although they have full right to implement the concept of an ""eye for an eye"" or “injury for injury” and punish the Israelis with the like of that wherewith they are being punished, in reality Hamas seems to be more similar to mosquitoes bothering a camper on a hot summer day. More of a nuisance than an actual threat as measured by the number of causalities and damage those rockets have produced. Even if the Palestinians did forgive and forget the atrocities of the unjust killings of innocent men, women, and children, Israel would continue its transgressing oppression. Hamas and other Islamic countries believe death is better then oppression and do not to fear the blame of the blamers. The blame is only against those Zionists who oppress men with wrong-doing and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land defying truth and justice and will be held accountable. Hamas, after mutual consultation among their fellow Muslims, seeks to make ready against the Israelis what ever force and war mounts they can muster, so that they may strike terror into the hearts of their enemies and the enemy of God. Even if all that amounts to is annoying rockets that render no real damage. Their goal is to be left alone, which can only be done by ridding themselves of Israeli aggression, blockades, and oppression. Again, the Palestinians could forgive the Zionist regimen but that wouldn’t stop the oppression and is thus a mute point. On top of that, the Western world makes clear that it does not want Islamic rule to prevail. Again- they make that quite clear; not only in their own lands but in the lands of the Muslims as witnessed by their mighty plotting around the world. So in the case of Israelis reckless aggression that costs the lives of innocent women, children, and men, the law of retribution applies. It's a matter of survival. If a country used a nuclear weapons on a country with the intent of destroying it, it would reciprocate in a similar manner hoping it would survive. Hamas and the Muslims hate to hurt the innocent but they have no choice if their going to have a chance to survive, flourish, and deter the Zionist enemy. The recompense for an evil is an evil. So, to claim that these rocket attacks go against the spirit of Islam is false. The blame is only against those who oppress men wrongly and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land defying truth and justice. When the enemies of Allah (SWT) tried to use the Islamic teachings against prophet Muhammad (SAWS) he uprooted those palms trees and defeated them. Even if Hamas and other budding Islamic nations do not make sound decisions at times one would expect Allah (SWT) to forgive them based on their intentions to please him by establishing and defending a country that envisions obedience to Allah (SWT). A good example of this is when an expedition to attack the Meccan caravan during a holy month was made by mistake, Allah (SWT) revealed that is was a grave sin but he not only forgave them but rewarded them further stating that disbelieving in him (SWT) was an even greater sin as a warning to the non believers. Again, Hamas and other Islamic nations use different strategies to defend their land. As they mature through this difficult process they need support from the believers and expect Muslims to suspend their critical judgment and make prayers to Allah (SWT) to help them.

05, email from Nidal Hasan to Anwar Awlaki, 02/16/2009

Please have alternative to donate to your web site. For example, checks/money orders may be sent to This can assure privacy for some who are concerned.


06, email from Nidal Hasan to Anwar Awlaki, 02/16/2009

Assalum Alaikum Wa-RhamatuAllahi Wa-Barakatu,

Please have alternative methods to donate to your web site. For example, checks/money orders may be sent to This can assure privacy for some who are concerned and maximize the amount given.


07, email from Nidal Hasan to Anwar Awlaki, 02/16/2009

Assalum Alaikum Wa-RhamatuAllahi Wa-Barakatahu Imam,

InshAllah, A $5,000.00 scholarship prize is being awarded for the best essay/piece entitled "Why is Anwar Al Awlaki a great activist and leader". We would be honored if you would award the prize. If you have any questions, concerns, or potential modifications, please e-mail me.

Advertisement will be posted in the Muslim link, in the March 2009 issue.

Jazakallah Khair, ViR Nidal PS-We met briefly a very long time ago when you were the Imam at Dar al Hijra. I doubt if you remember me. In any case I have since graduated medical school and finished residency training.

08, email from Awlaki to Hasan, 02/19/2009 
Assalamu alaykum Br Nidal, 
I pray this message reaches you at the best state of emaan and health. Jazakum Allahu khairan for thinking good of me. I don't travel so I wont be able to physically award the prize and I am too "embarrassed" for a lack of the better word to award it anyway.
May Allah assist you in your efforts. 
Assalamu alaykum
Your Brother
Anwar Awlaki

09, email from Hasan to Awlaki, 02/19/2009


It's nice to hear your voice even if its email.

Unfortunately, when I sent the e-mail to you everyone was giving me the green light with tenative reassurances. Everything was in the process to launch the essay contest in time for the upcoming issue of the Muslim link. Now, obstacles have been placed by
Muslims in the communtity that are petrified by potential repercussions. Allah willing everything will work out in such a way that pleases Allah (SWT). You have a very huge following but even among those there seems to be a large majority that are paralyzed by fear of losing some aspect of dunya. They would prefer to keep their admiration for you in their hearts. In any case, my personal experiences have taught me that if you align yourself to close to Allah (SWT) you will likely not have many friends but pleny of hardships. Even the Prophets use to say when is the help of Allah (SWT) coming. _May Allah (SWT) elevate those that please him and render useless the efforts of those that displease him; and ensure that we both are those that please him ameen.

PS: If you need any assistance, Allah willing I will be able to help. I believe my biggest strength is my financial situation. Of course, and this goes without saying, that everything should be legal and in accordance with the u.s. Law and Allah (SWT) best and is the best disposer of affairs and ultimately decides between truth and falsehood. InshaAllah, Allah (SWT) forgies us for our short coming, forbids are body from touching the Hell- Fire, allows plenty of shade on the day of reckoning, and hastens our entrance into Jannah where we will see each other (in Jannah) sipping on non-intoxicating wine in reclined thrones and in absolute and unending happiness. PS: Ilm looking for a wife that is willing to strive with me to please Allah (SWT). I will strongly consider a recommendation coming from you.

Jazaka-Allah-Khair, Sincerely, Nidal Hasan SoA(SWT), MD, MPH

10, email from Awlaki to Hasan, 02/22/2009 
Assalamu alaykum Br Nidal, 
Believe it or not I kind of felt that the contest would end up running into red tape. People in that part of the world are becoming very timid and it doesn't look it's getting any better. 
Thanks for the offer for help. Well it is needed but I just don't know how to do it. There are poor people, orphans, widows, dawa projects, and the list goes on. So if you have any ideas on how to get help across and in accordance to law in a climate that is strict to start with please let me know. 
Tell more about yourself. I will keep an eye for a sister. 
Assalamu alaykum

11, email from Hasan to Awlaki, 02/22/2009

I will keep trying. If Allah (SWT) wants somethig to occur no one can stop it. My job is to put the effort and have patience. Your various works force the controversial issues to surface and be addressed. If there is going to be a resolution between Islam and the West the difficult issues have to be brought up? I think this is important. It may take many generations before people realize the gift that Allah (SWT) has given them through your work. But, I see the value now and don't have to wait for your death.

In regards to pleasing Allah (SWT) I, with his mercy, am already involved in giving to the poor, orphans, widows and dawa projects. They are usually connected with the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring MD but I do alot of work by myself because of the rigid criteria they have for giving to the poor and needy. Whether its time or money I truly believe Allah (SWT)? gives it all back and more. My goal is Jannat Firdaus and I praise and thank Allah (SWT) for giving be the ability to strive, to see the truth, to beg for his forgiveness, and ask for his guidance. If people truly understood the peace they could have by really believing that Allah (SWT) is in control and that he is just testing to see who is the best amongs us, it would be alot easier to see through Shaitans promises of poverty and destruction.? I want to be with those who are the best. Imam, if you have any specific projects that you feel are important to get on their feet let me know. I will read up on them and Inshallah I will please Allah (SWT). In regards to a sister for marriage. My name is Nidal Hasan. If you google "CSTS and Nidal Hasan" you will see a picture of me. I currently reside in Silver Sping MD; 301-547-XXXX. I was born and raised in the U.S .. Both, of my parents are from Palestine but have both passed away (yaAllaharhamhum). I joined the U.S. military at age 17 as an infantryman. I subsequently received a BS in Biocehmistry, Degree in medicine with residency training in psychiatry, and am just finishing up my fellowship training in Disaster and Preventive Psychiatry. During my workig career I have been a bus boy, a dishwasher, a cook, a cashier, a lab technician, a researcher, and entrepreneur. Allah (SWT) lifted the veil from my eyes about 8-9 years ago and I have been striving for Jannat Firdaus ever since. I hope, Inshallah, my endeavor will be realized. If you know someone that you feel that will be compatible and complement my endeavors to please Allah (SWT) please let me know.

Assalum Alaykum,

12, email from Hasan to Awlaki, 02/28/2009

Attachment: "Public Opinion in the Islamic World on Terrorism, al Qaeda, and U.S. Policies"

Assalum Alaikum Wa-Rhamatu-Allahi Wa-Barakatu,

This well done survey sponsored by the U.S. goverment through the University of Maryland shows that most Muslims feel that US is trying to undermine Islam. It substantiates an earlier study it did as well as other studies by other organizations. I think you will find it interesting. V/R Nidal

13, email from Hasan to Awlaki, 02/28/2009

FYI:? He is well known in the Greater Washington Area and serves the U.S. military as Imam for the Bethesda medical center. ?A true vision of what the government views as a good role model for all Muslims.


14, email from Hasan to Awlaki, 03/03/2009

Assalum Alaikum Wa-Rhamatu-Allahi Wa-Barakatu Anwar,

Please tell me the full amount that you would need to secure the domain fee, etc for the time period specified. I have already sent a previous request asking that different payment methods be used so that the full amount goes to your website and no one gets a cut. If you don't have an alternative and don't intend to get one please let me know and I can send it through PayPal.

Jazakallah Khair,

15, email from Hasan to Awlaki, 03/07/2009

I know your busy. Please keep me?in your rolodex in case you find me useful and?feel free to call me collect. I ask Allah (SWT) to honor those that please him in this life and the next and to render the efforts useless of those who strive against the most Gracious. InshAllah we will see each other later. PS: I really enjoyed the story about the?brave person?who stated "I dont fear any man" but Prophet Muhamad (SAW) said you will tremble when you see this man and when he saw the man he indeed trembled.

JazakAllah Khair, Nidal Hasan, MD,
Bethesda Maryland
20814 (301) 547-XXXX

16, email from Hasan to Awlaki, 05/25/2009

Brother Anwar don't fear the blame of the blamers!

When I read this verse (below) I think of you. Most of us have truned back for fear or the for zina of this life. We have thus suspended our critical Judgment for a small price.

Allah (SWT) makes it clear that most wont believe and of those that do; the ones who struggle for his cause are greater in his sight then those who sit back and pray.

O you who believe! Whoever from among you turns back from his religion (Islaam) , Allah will bring a people ([like Anwar Al Awalaki] whom He will love and they will love Him; humble towards the believers, stern towards the disbelievers, fighting in the Way of [Allaah], and never fear of the blame of the blamers. That is the Grace of [Allaah] which He bestows on whom He wills. And [Allaah]  is AllSufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower.

Your Brother Nidal

17, email from Hasan to Awlaki, 05/31/2009

Assalum Alaikum Wa-RhamatuAllahi Wa-Barakatuhu brother Anwar;
InshAllah Khair,

I heard a speaker defending suicide bombings as permissible and have been using his logic in debates to see how effective it really is.

He contends that suicide is permissible in certain cases. He defines suicide as one who purposely takes his own life but insists that the important issue is your intention.

For example, he reported a recent incident were an American Soldier jumped on a grenade that was thrown at a group of soldiers. In doing so he saved 7 soldiers but killed himself. He consciously made a decision to kill himself but his intention was to save his comrades and indeed he was successful].. So, he says this proves that suicide is permissible in this example because he is a hero. Then he compares this to a soldier who sneaks into an enemy camp during dinner and detonates his suicide vest to prevent an attack that is know to be planned the following day. The suicide bombers intention is to kill numerous soldliers to prevent the attack to save his fellow people the following day. He is successfull. His intention was to save his people/fellow soldiers and the stategy was to sacrifice his life.

The logic seems to make sense to me because in the first example he proves that suicide is permissible i.e. most would consider him a hero. I don't want to make this to long but the issue of "collateral damage" where a decision is made to allow the killing of innocents for a valuable target. If the Qur'an it states to fight your enemies as they fight you but don't transgress. So, I would assume that suicide bomber whose aim is to kill enemy soldiers or their helpers but also kill innocents in the process is acceptable. Furthermore, if enemy soldiers are using other tactics that are unethical/unconscionable than those same tactics may be used.

JazakAllah Khair, P.S. We miss hearing from you!

18, email from Hasan to Awlaki, 06/16/2009

Assalum Alaikum Wa-RhamatuAllahi Wa-Barakatuhu,

I listened to a lecture that made a parallel between Iblis and the People of the book and was wondering if it was consistent with what the Quran teaches. He basically stated that Allah (SWT) speaks the truth and should always be obeyed. He told the story of how Allah (SWT) told Adam (AS) to take Shaitan as an enemy and toldy him to stay away from the tree. Shaitan told Adam that he was his well wisher and the only reason the tree was denied him because it would make him an angel or live forever. So Adam listened to Shaitan and neglected the heedings of his lord. He goes on to say that Allah (SWT) warns us not to take the people of the book as protecting friends (aulia) and the lecturer stated that if we ignore Allah (SWT) like Adam we will have no exuse if we end up in hell fire because of the advice given by the people of the book. He explains that some of the people of the book are sincere in their advice but are ignorant and if you listen to sincere ignorant advice over Allah (SWT) you fall at your own peril. V/R Nidal

For more about American jihadists, check out J.M. Berger's new book, Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go to War in the Name of Islam, on sale everywhere.

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