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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Accused Georgia Plotter Accused Other Antigovernment Activists of Being Unwilling to Act

Georgia media reported details today from the arrest of three men last week, who are charged with plotting attacks against the government. According to WSB-TV in Atlanta:

FLOYD COUNTY, Ga. — Three Floyd County men are facing federal firearm charges alleging involvement in a plot targeting the U.S government. Channel 2 Action News was there as federal agents searched one of the suspects’ homes in Rome Saturday.

One of the men, Brian Cannon, posted the following comments on Facebook on February 10, shortly before he was arrested. It describes his frustrations with the inaction of other antigovernment groups and movements with which he was associated. It is reproduced here with all punctuation and spelling as found in the original.
This will be a lengthy post, so please, read it and let it soak in......if need be, read it TWICE!! 
You people see me ranting and bitching about whats happening in our country. You see my posts and cute little pictures along with the comments and what not. What most of you don't see or know is the amount of sacrifice that my family and I have made to be where we are. 
We had a nice home in Southern Utah, had everything we needed, home on a acre of property, garden, neighbors, tv, phones and all the other common household items. We have been pretty serious about prepping and collecting all we could to make sure we could survive a SHTF situation. We follow the situations in the government, both local and national, we have been for quite some time now. We made a few final, major investments and made the choice to move to our bug out location. We did so for a few reasons, mainly so our family (my fiancé, three of our daughters and our baby granddaughter) would be experienced in living out of the city and surviving without the every day things that we knew we would lose in a SHTF scenario. We had our sattalite tv, generator, battery bank and invertor setup so we could power the tv for news and run a fridge. We were in a very small 1 room cabin with no indoor plumbing or bathroom, it was life as to be expected living in a remote cabin. Hauling water from the mountain spring for daily use, washing clothes in the creek and hunting for dinner. We were there for 3 months and it was tough to say the least, we survived it and that was the point! The last week we were there, we started having Blackhawk and Apache helicopters flying over head and very low, less than 200' that was the good part......when we start seeing drones at 4:30-5:00am ....thats not gonna cut it!! With snow covered mountains, its pretty easy to see the helis and drones on a full moon night. I posted about it and was called every name in the book because I didnt have pictures. Yet no one was willing to send me a camera with night vision capabilities to do so. We had been reaching out for the previous several weeks so we could get off the mountain and become part of a larger group of Patriots and do our part to make a stand. When the drones started, my family no longer felt safe and we all made the choice that it was time to go. We reached out to every one that claimed to be a one willing to help accept one man and his family, Terry Peace. He told is to get here and his home is open to my family and I......keep in mind, we also had our two mini Schnauzers and 7 puppies. We left the cabin with only our clothes, vehicles, survival gear and food storage. We had now left behind everything we owned, all for the cause, all for liberty and FREEDOM!!
We got a hotel room for a few days and sold the puppies to raise the fuel money to get here (2,000 mile trek) While dealing with selling the puppies, we had to deal with my fiancés ex husband lying to police and making us let the two youngest girls, go with him for Christmas in Idaho. He agreed to bring them back and instead, had her served with bogus paperwork to take custody of now, we have lost not only everything we owned but 2 of our children, all for the cause!! We will get them back but thats far from the point. We made the trip and we were met with open arms and zero expectations, we are very grateful for the true hospitality that has been givem, thank you Terry and Natasha!!

So, here is where I am and why I am pissed off and fed up with the cowardice bastards out there....
I have been very active in communicating with as many groups as I can, doing my best to push for unity and cohesiveness. I am a admin on many pages and groups, most of you only know me thru those pages. I have reached as far and wide as one man can do, I have been barking up every tree I can find. Each and every damn time, people get riled up and act like they are some serious Patriot on a mission to help restore our once great nation. When we put the call out to make a stand, be heard and prepare for a battle.....every one of them come down with a serious case of vaginitis!! I am absofuckinglutely sick and tired of all the keyboard commandos that only know how to run their mouths!! Sure they claim to train but what the fuck for? Seriously, why waste the time and energy if you are not willing to do something with that training? They all want to stand by and take a defensive posture and wait for the door kickers to show up. Its time to open your damn eyes and see whats happening all around you!! Weed out the pussies and join with real Patriots, not these traitorous, backstabbing, wannabe, asshole, good for nothing bullet sponges!! Do I really need to list every god damned "first shot" the tyrants have fired before you people wake up?
How many more constitutional violations will YOU stand for? How many more illegal search and seizures will YOU submit too? How many more military vehicles will YOU allow to roam our public roads? How many more thousands of dollars will YOU continue to pay for your own oppression? How long will YOU allow your children to be indoctrinated with this "common core" illiteracy program aimed at destroying the innocent minds of your children? How many more veterans will YOU watch sleeping under a bridge while being denied their benefits? How much more debt will YOU allow the tyrants to accumulate for your children and their children and their children? How much longer do YOU think our country can maintain at the current spending levels?

Do I need to continue? I am sick amd fucking tired of all the loud mouthed assholes who simply do NOTHING because they might miss a mortgage payment or little Johnny's soccer game, or the family reunion, or feeding their fish or not having time to turn in a two week notice at work or requesting vacation time......I actually talked to a guy that sounded as pissed off as I do and ready to be heard. He went down a list of excuses that he has heard people they call themselves patriots. I invited him to our multi state meet and greet....I shit you not, his FIRST excuse was "My cat is in heat and I cant leave until I get her spayed".....WHAT THE FUCK??? You have got to be kidding me, right??? That was his FIRST excuse......immediately followed by about 10 others, just as pathetic!!!

So, before you come to me and bitch about anything I have to say or ask what I have done so far? I guaranfuckingtee, I have given more, sacrificed more, given up more than 99.9% of the other true Patriots out there....not just me, but my family as well. How many of you are sleeping in your own beds tonight while my families sacrifices for the cause have us sleeping on a friend's sofa? I fucking dare any of you to question my loyalty and dedication to our nation!!! I will stop for now but be warned, I am FAR from done!!!

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